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ROMAVIA has an impeccable safety record. We meet and exceed stringent aviation regulations and enforce our own strict safety systems across all vehicles.
We insist the aircraft are compliant with EU OPS1, and we operate in line with Civil Aviation Authority standards which are considered some of the best in the world. All pilots are trained to equal or exceeding levels of commercial crew and all aircraft are covered by strict maintenance programmes including detailed checks pre- and post-flight.
  • Corporate charter with ROMAVIA offers the most efficient jet for top executives and business travellers worldwide. Private charter with ROMAVIA provides seamless, worldwide travel in premium comfort and style.
  • ROMAVIA has an excellent track record providing transport within the sports industry. We specialise in providing seamless, integrated transport for sports teams, individual players, athletes and their friends and family.
  • ROMAVIA has valuable experience providing discrete, secure, VIP transportation for government and diplomatic flights around the world as well as experience providing charter to Romanian Presidency.

"Our mission is to provide a world-class service that demands the highest level of safety, competitive pricing, engineering performance and quality of service."

ROMAVIA General Manager


  • Aircraft charter services
  • Inflight services
  • Aircraft management
  • Technical, Quality & Safety
  • Aditional services




BAe-146 200 series
93/98 pax configuration

Aircraft & Component