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ROMAVIA's Technical Division

ROMAVIA Maintenance (approved under NCAA-RO.145.002)is one of the East European leading regional aircraft MRO and completion centres.  With its headquarters in Bucharest and Otopeni, ROMANIA, and employing more than 100 staff, ROMAVIA Maintenance has more than 20 years of experience, and provides a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the real-world demands of its commercial customers.
Using a combination of competitive and dynamic innovations and by anticipating our customers' needs, ROMAVIA has successfully expanded its business and is a recognised leader in its field.  Our senior management team has extensive experience in the industry, a dedication to customer satisfaction and a total commitment to meet the requirements of the industry regulatory authorities.


  • Strong working relationships between ROMAVIA and all approved aircraft manufacturers.  ROMAVIA has extensive experience of both operating and maintaining their products;
  • ROMAVIA is a leading, well established and respected aircraft maintenance facility with a track record of consistent performance
  • Provider of customised support agreements to operators worldwide with service-level commitments as standard ensuring long-term customer retention
  • Fixed cost and downtime guarantees on scheduled maintanence can be provided
  • Total support packages are available with major defects
  • Dedicated Check Supervisor
  • Aircraft staging is custom designed to support quick and efficient staging of customer aircraft
  • Computer terminals on hangar floor ensure prompt and easy access to online manuals
  • Provision of daily reports detailing "real time" defect estimates, input progress and spares delivery
  • Materials, Stores Management and Workshops (in-house), including a comprehensive stock holding
  • AOG rotable support provision is available
  • Aircraft general spares are available from self dispensers on the hangar floor offering a time saving facility
  • As an airline engineering division we understand the requirements of airlines and operators.  We provide a fully-supported aircraft turnaround facility for Boeing 707 and BAe Systems 146 / RJ
  • Our tailor-made support packages cover overnight checks, routine inspections and defect rectification, alongside ramp services including aircraft movement, washing, heating and de-icing capability at Henry Coanda airport.  We provide a rapid response to aircraft with technical defects affecting scheduled departures and provide off-site assistance if requested
  • AOG support can be available across Europe as well as off-site European and worldwide support

In the continuously changing world of Aviation legislation, ROMAVIA Maintenance Services are responsible for compliance to all technical and operational requirements of the ROMAVIA fleet as well as a number of other airline operators.
With a working structure that reflects EASA Part M and EASA Part 21J design approvals, Technical Services manage both the day-to-day and the long term maintenance operations in Europe.


The monitoring, collation and review of airworthiness data for applicability and the provision of recommended actions, including:

  • Review and recommendation of EASA ARC renewals and issues on non Part M controlled aircraft
  • EASA ARC issue and extension for aircraft where the records are under ROMAVIA Part M control
  • Liaison with EASA on certification issues and exemption programmes
  • Monitoring and distribution of legislation changes for review
  • Production and control of Continued Airworthiness Management Expositions (CAME)
  • Control of library and archive functions
  • Provision of EU OPS compliance statements and JAR 26 (under transition to NPA2009-01) to cover Operational Suitability Certificate and Safety Directives.
  • Monitoring of reweigh schedules
  • Independent audit function of Quality Assurance functions
  • Adaptation of Vendor and OEM service bulletins to meet operator specific requirements
  • Review and recommendation on technical data for customers' aircraft and operational fleet
  • Line and base input engineering technical support
  • Production of reliability reports
  • Review of reliability and engineering operational performance data and recommendations for changes
  • Production of change specifications
  • Project management of design changes and embodiment programmes
  • Control of aircraft technical records and log books
  • Data entry from engineering checks and aircraft technical logs
  • Production and development of Customised Maintenance Programmes
  • Production of work pack call-offs for all levels of maintenance inputs
  • Monitoring of AD compliance with associated reports
  • Review and recommendation of service bulletin embodiment
  • Production of associated status reports
  • Development of operator tailored change embodiment programmes

Situated at Otopeni and staffed by 100 qualified engineers, with over 20 years experience as a component MRO and primarily focused on the regional aircraft market, ROMAVIA Maintenance Services workshops provide a shop for component repairs and overhauls.
Our comprehensive capabilities include the capacity to provide wide-ranging support across the following aircraft types:

  • Boeing 707
  • BAe 146/AVRO RJ

ROMAVIA Maintenance battery repair and overhaul shop provides coverage over a wide range of aircraft batteries from manufacturers such as Saft, Grimes and Hawker.
Fixed price repair and overhaul service of all aircraft batteries is offered, including:

  • Deep cycle
  • Capacity check
  • Complete battery inspection
  • Leak check
  • Complete disassembly, clean & reassembly
K. DESIGN OFFICE [EASA Part 21 sub part J approval number]
  • Classification of changes and repairs as Major or Minor
  • Design and approval of minor changes to EASA aircraft
  • Design of minor repairs to aircraft structure, metallic and composite parts based on the aircraft SRM
  • Minor changes to cabin configurations, emergency equipment and furnishings excluding seat structure and galley structure
  • Design and approval of minor electrical and avionics changes
  • Design and recommendation of major changes and repairs for EASA aircraft
  • Support for audit functions on Test Houses
  • Development of manual supplements in support of minor and major changes and repairs
  • Support for aircraft weighing services with equipment lists and weighing configuration schemes.
  • Loading manuals and weight and balance reports post configuration changes or installation of major changes and repairs
  • Vendor equipment test and approval (ETSO)